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Mission Statement

Educate and guide entrepreneurs in the world of Ecommerce.

Ridz Media LLC offers a one of a kind opportunity to help ease your way into becoming an Ecommerce entrepreneur. We believe that Ecommerce offers everyone an opportunity whether they work from home, work full-time, or want to leave their job - to build a business that works for them by building wealth and a future for your long-term life goals. We want to create an opportunity where our clients can step into a ready-made Ecommerce business and then have our team of experts personally mentor them through every aspect of setting up, running and growing an internet business.

It has been another incredible year of growth for the Ecommerce industry and 2020 is predicted to do just as well! The retail industry is clearly moving online with future predictions showing continued expansion as consumers are shopping at online stores no longer just for holidays, special occasions or to only find specialty products. They are clicking to purchase products each and every day from their personal computers, tablets and smartphones as the online marketplace is open from anywhere and at any time!

Here are some exciting facts and figures about the Ecommerce industry:

  • The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic shift: E-commerce is capturing a larger share of sales than ever before. [Business Insider]
  • With the extreme growth of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices the retail industry is undergoing a huge shift towards Ecommerce. [Huffington Post]
  • Total retail sales in North America reached $5.254 trillion, including $4.785 trillion in sales in the US alone. [eMarketer]
  • Retail sales in the US grew 3.3% this year, eMarketer estimates, and growth will pick up slightly next year to 3.5%. [eMarketer]

Ridz Media LLC started in 2017 and has helped over 100s of women, men, retirees, veterans, the unemployed, and stay-at-home moms, all realize their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. We offer budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to step into a ready-made internet business and then have our expert team personally mentor them step-by-step going over every aspect of setting up, running, and growing an Ecommerce business. Our company has been featured in several national magazines and websites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes and Yahoo Finance as well as in international newspapers and TV programs.